Animal Control

12300 Wayne Road
Romulus, Michigan  48174
Telephone: 734-942-7591
Fax 734-942-4523

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30am - 10:30am and 2:30pm - 3:45pm

The Animal Control department is responsible for the enforcement of the City of Romulus' animal control ordinances, and ensuring citizens are taking proper care of their animals. This department works with the Schools to help maintain and provide safe transportation to and from buses and schools with no interference of animals with the children.  Animal Control works with schools, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to provide education of pets and dangerous animals.  The following is a list of laws that the Animal Control department enforces on a daily basis:

  • Dog(s) running at large
  • Dangerous dog(s)
  • Cruelty to animal(s) violations
  • Unlicensed dogs(s)
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Public Nuisance
  • Kennel licensing
  • Excessive barking
  • Owners Responsibility

Annual Dog Days
The Animal Control department also annually has Dog Days the last Saturday in February that consists of shots for both dogs and cats at discounted rates.

Animal Traps
Animal Control provides residents use of traps to catch both tame and wild annoying animals (there is a sign up sheet for the use of these traps at no charge, but there is a deposit required). Please call the Shelter for more information on how to reserve a trap. 

The Romulus Animal Shelter seeks adoptions of cats, dogs, birds and small animals including ferrets. Check out their Facebook Page (link on the left) to see what animals are available.

Volunteers and Donations
The Shelter also is in need of volunteers and donations. Donations are needed of old bedding, cat litter, canned kitten food and carpet squares. If you are interested in volunteering, you must be at least 18 years of age, or doing service for a school project/requirement. Please print and complete this packet and come to the Shelter during regular business hours to set up your time of service. 

Department:  ANIMAL CONTROL                 
 City of Romulus 2019-2020 Fee Schedule

Resolution No: 19-146

Adopted: 05/13/2019


 2019 – 2020
CO 6-154
1st pick-up + $10 per day $25.00
  2nd pick-up + $15.00 per day $30.00
  3rd pick-up + $ 20.00 per day  $35.00
CO   6-64 Kennel Inspections   - Percentage of pay - Lic Referrals   
  Private Kennels (Residential) 4-5 dogs   - 4 months or older $50.00
  Commercial Kennels (6 dogs or more)   Requires special land use approval (See Zoning Ordinance Sec 3.02) $100.00
  Euthanasia $2.00 per lb. per animal  $2.00 / lb. 
CO   6-154 Adoption $25.00-Dogs / $15.00 Cats ($10 Dogs / $5 Cats when the shelter reaches excessive capacity levels) $25.00/$15.00
CO   6-158(5) Spayed/Neuter 25.00 deposit returned after surgery $25.00
  Leash 1.00 $1.00
CO 6-131 Residents:  
  Unsexed- 1 YR-License  $3.00
  Unsexed- 2 YR-License  $5.00
  Unsexed- 3 YR License  $8.00
  Intact- 1YR License  $7.00
  Intact-2 YR License  $12.00
  Intact- 3YR License  $15.00
CO 6-131 Senior Citizens:  
  Unsexed- 1 YR-License  $1.50
  Unsexed- 2 YR-License  $2.50
  Unsexed- 3 YR License  $4.00
  Intact- 1YR License  $3.50
  Intact-2YR License  $6.00
  Intact-3YR License  $7.50
CO 6-131 Late Fees:  
  Penalty after MARCH 1ST per dog  $6.00

CO = Code of Ordinances
R = Resolution
ZO = Zoning Ordinance